Custody battles between parents can become a very expensive exercise for one or both of the parents. The expense is not only in monetary value, but also how traumatic it may become for children involved.

Where one parent is very angry, and wants to punish the other spouse, it may happen that the one parent is purposefully painted black to win the custody battle. It is known that we also have a very small number of unethical people in certain fraternities and when the angry parent meets up with such a person the other parent can be set up for a very costly legal battle.

Psychologists have to take care not to be trapped in such cases. If the child is referred for an assessment and only one parent takes the child for assessment without the full involvement of the other parent, you should know that the battle may start.

In cases of divorce it is important to involve both parents during assessment in order to get an objective assessment and to avoid to be trapped in the battle around custody. The professional psychologist is an expert witness and should remain within the framework of the best interest of the child.

In many cases the children are used to be set up against the one parent. Imagine the uncountable damage caused by such parenting styles.

In this practice we will always involve both parents to avoid ethical dilemmas and not to be trapped in custody battles. As expert witnesses we will strive to educate our courts more about the disorders observed in representation and devastating parenting styles in court battles. We also strive to educate parents what the best interests of their children are.