It consists of an assessment of the psychological aspects of learning and academic skills that is needed for success in learning. A selected battery of scholastic, cognitive, behavioural, emotional, neurodevelopment, and personality tests are engaged to determine the factors supporting learning, as well as barriers to learning and development. A Psycho-Educational Assessment provides estimates of the client's intellectual/cognitive abilities and educational achievement levels. Such an assessment may have a focus on only one (or more) of the above mentioned areas.

It also includes other data sources which may include background information, educational history and attainment, developmental history, relevant test behaviours, observations, structured and semistructured interviews, and questionnaires. Questionnaires sometimes require significant others to complete specific questionnaires according to their observations within different environments. A Psycho-Educational assessment is designed to answer specific questions (referral question determines the type of questions and assessments), such as:

Are their specific learning disabilities present?
Attentional problems?
Emotional and behavioural difficulties?
What are the clients academic and cognitive abilities, strengths, and weaknesses?
Appropriate educational recommendations?

Appropriate educational accommodations; adaptations; concessions?

Further referrals to other professionals (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, etc.)?

Consent: Please note that a written consent from both parents is required prior the beginning of an assessment or any other intervention that is necessitated. All assessments/interventions requires an intake interview first.

General Information