Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT)

Due to the nature of an ILT Assessment parents always have to be present at all times.

Career Counselling

Our approach moves from the point of view that career choices are guided from identifying patterns and themes within the life story (Narrative) of the client. This may assist with meaningful and sustainable choices

School Readiness

School readiness is one of the most important indicators of progression in formal schooling. Developmental delays are identified during assessment.


The purpose of an assessment in this area is to determine the contributory psychological and neuropsychological factors involved in learning and developmental complexities.

Concessions and Accommodations Assessments

A full Psycho-Educational assessment, with a Psycho-Educational report, is required by Educational Departments in order to apply for concessions and accommodations. Focused assessments are done to determine if a learner qualifies for concessions/accommodations.

General Information