Mr. W Engelbrecht is an accredited Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) Practitioner. ILT unwraps the foundations of learning and behaviour complexities. From birth - and prenatal - we learn to move and move to learn. The body consists of different parts and works together as a system. When any part of the body is not functioning adeptly, the body as a system may not work proficiently. The ultimate goal of ILT is to provide programmes to the client that may stimulate the nervous system to work more proficiently - parents are responsible for the maintenance of the programme. In the ILT approach gentle strengthening is a fundamental concept and an approach based on the idea that weak, disorganised and immature neurological systems, should be gently strengthened . This may assist to improve behaviour and learning.

The most important principles of gentle strengthening is from the point of view that Less is More and Slow is Fast. Therefore it is important to observe for signs of overload via the bodily release systems, e.g. changes in breath, changes in skin colour, lost of focus, etc. A programme might be developed with this in mind. In ILT the following systems might be assessed for weaknesses during an assessment (Very young children are not formally assessed - different interventions are used):

• Vestibular System

• Tactile System

• Visual System

• Proprioception

• Kinesthesia

• Integrating Retained Reflexes

• Attentional Priorities

• Differentiation

• Lateralization

• Interhemispheric Integration

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