Psychotherapy refers to a specific treatment protocol used by a trained Psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is denoted by the in-depth training in which the Professional has been trained and the in-depth professional relationship established with a client. There are different schools of psychotherapy and it will emerge in the approach used by a Professional.

Psychotherapy involves exploring feelings, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, somatic ailments and other relevant events or information, sometimes from childhood to the present to have a profile of the individual's personal history, which may impact on present difficulties. Specific techniques are then used to assist the individual to safely explore these difficulties (on all levels of the personal self and relational self) and to assist the individual to explore solutions to the present difficulties he/she may encounter or experience. Psychotherapy aims to increase the individual's sense of wellbeing.

The aim of psychotherapy is to assist the client to have a corrective experience. It is a non-authorative approach.

Psychotherapy is not merely giving advise (counselling) to a client, though it may involve some form of advise where required.

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