The human brain has the capacity to form new structures and neuro-links and paths right through our lives. It is called neuro-plasticity. This implies that the brain can be retrained to form such new paths and links. During psychological interventions the human brain undergoes structural changes in forming new learning paths, which impacts on our behaviour and general functioning. The same applies to traumatic events, which changes the structural make-up of the brain. If this is what traumatic events do where C-PTSD or PTSD develops, it implies that these structural changes can be re-trained to change to functioning differently. This is why it is said that specific interventions change the DNA make-up. The difference is that the formation of new positive structures do take longer due to the memories of the traumatic event, where C-PTSD or PTSD has developed. Once trauma memory is integrated with the long term memory, sufficient relieve can be experienced.


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