Our approach moves from the point of view that career choices are guided from identifying patterns and themes within the life story (Narrative) of the client. This may assist with meaningful and sustainable choices. Our services are rendered in both Afrikaans and English.

We have moved away from traditional paper and pencil assessments when it comes to subject and career choices. Results are quicker available and ready to assist our clients to make informed choices. In some cases the situation may require to implement an Individual IQ scale to get a better understanding of cognitive processes.

The life story of a client influences their choices in life and therefore plays a vital role in a career choice. Overwhelming life events impact on emotional development and well-being, therefore the need may arise to look at stressors that impact on the individual’s meaningful choices. Sometimes psychotherapy is required to enhance meaningful choices. A change in perspective and own narrative may assist in improved choices.

A vital process to make choices, implies a better understanding of the world of work and paths leading towards it. When selecting subjects, young people do it without realising that it impacts directly on the career opportunities. And this happens at a time where the developing teenage brain is busy with huge structural changes. Thus, subject choices informs your future. These factors are being explored to ensure that young people know where they are going to work, once employed. It involves a process of demystifying fantasies that some learners have about careers. Restraining factors to reach ones full potential can also be explored where required.

The assessment focuses on a selection of the following:
1. Aptitude
2. Personality
3. Interests
4. Vocational interests
5. Values
6. Career development
7. Mathematical acuity
8. Where required additional assessments are included

Our interventions further provides:

1. Career exploration exercises
2. Career information
3. Study information
4. Personal interviews and counselling
5. Triangulation of all information
6. Report


General Information