Young people often have to make a couple of choices whilst still at school and regularly facing tough stressors, which may need professional interventions. And this happens at a time when the developing teenage brain is busy with major structural changes. Our approach moves from the point of view that choices and stressors are guided from identifying patterns and themes within the life story (Narrative) of the client. We do provide professional support for subject and career counselling, psycho-educational assessments, exam concession and accommodation assessments, exam stress/anxiety management and psychotherapeutic services.

Parent have to be on the lookout for any mood and/or behavioural changes, small or big, in their child during the Grade 12 year and especially during exam periods. Do not hesitate to seek professional help.

Mr Engelbrecht has written the following articles on behalf of Beeld (Afrikaans newspaper) on how parents can support their children:

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